How to register and add members to the team

The Remote Authentication Portal (RAP) displays a set of authentication options, included the self-registration, in case none of the other proposed methods applies. To proceed in this latter case, the user can click on the “Register” button, then he/she will be redirected to a form like this shown below.

N.B.: All the users are strongly encouraged to use institutional accounts whenever possible.

In any case, a set of choices are available and in case of no other possibilities users can self register clicking the Register button. They will be redirected to a form like the one aside.

All the fields with the red bullet are mandatory. Information will be managed in respect to the European GDPR law and maintained by IA2, also if there is no sensible data collected.

After pressing the “save” button, your informations will be summarized in a dedicated page.

Team members will receive a summary like: