Users will be able to login to a cluster frontend and execute containerized software. A predefined set of containers will be available from a local registry or from Docker hub.

The container can be autonomously extended by the users or with the support of the cluster help desk.

The login will be available using username and ssk-key (no password authentication is allowed).

User registration to the INAF portal will happens in two steps:

  1. The user requests the account username: click on “receive username” and an email will be sent to the registration email address with the login username and the hostname and ip address of the login node. The user can submit a new request anytime she needs to find out again her credential and/or the address of the login node.
  2. Send us the ssh public key or create a new ssh key pair.

Once she has completed the registration she will receive an acknowledge email with further details on the use of the cluster. Then she will be able to connect:


All the users working at the same project will share the same account.

Once logged in, a user will be able to execute interactive or batch containers using a slurm scheduler.