While batch jobs in the cluster is an excellent approach for long non interactive jobs, if a user requires to make long interactive jobs or visualization tasks, can use the Rosetta platform at

Rosetta allows users to execute interactive desktop via web access coupling computing resources and containers.

First it is necessary to login to the platform.

Once logged in, the user must configure the account.

Rosetta can be used to deploy containerized software on a cluster node with 20 Cores and 128GB RAM. Access to the node is provided via http desktop.

A container list is available clicking on the panel on the right.

The list of predefined containers is available including one with a complete set of SW as provided by kern distribution. Users can add their own one.

To execute a container a user can select the task mode on the right panel.

Then a user creates a new task.


Users can leave the defaults and create the task.

An email will be received when the container is running and so a user can connect to the desktop.

It is necessary to write the password chosen at step 2 to open the connection.

The desktop is running on a cluster node allocated for this specific task.

More than one user can connect to the same desktop sharing the Rosetta connection URL and the password.