Call 1 Project Reports

ProjectPrincipal InvestigatorAccountReport PDF
Simulating galaxy clusters at high resolutionVeronica BiffiA00PDF
Deceleration of relativistic jetsGianluigi BodoA01PDF
Formation of star clusters: how common is infant rotation?Michela Mapelli

Mechanical feedback and backflows in early-type galaxies.Vincenzo Antonuccio
The impact of stellar dynamics on gravitational wave sourcesMario Spera
The inner parsecs of our Galaxy: star formation and its environmentAlessandro BalloneA05PDF
DEMNUni CovariancesCarmelita CarboneA06PDF
Effects of the feedback of stellar winds and supernovae in young globular clustersFrancesco CaluraB00PDF
Three-dimensional hydrodynamical
simulations of
supernova explosions in the smallest Milky Way satellites
Donatella RomanoB01PDF
Instabilities, magnetic reconnection and particle acceleration in Blazar jetsClaudia RaitieriB02PDF
Effects of intense flaring activity on accretion disk of Classical T Tauri StarsSalvatore ColomboB03PDF
Vlasov simulations of reconnection events and comparison with MMSFrancesco CalifanoB04PDF
Simulations of disk galaxies: the effect of AGN feedbackStefano BorganiB05PDF
DUSTGRAIN Follow UpMarco BaldiB09PDF
Post processing and visualisation of galaxy clustersGiuliano TaffoniTestTest Class. Report not requested
Post processing and visualisation of galaxy clustersStefano BorganiTestTest Class. Report not requested
AnharmoniCaOs testGiacomo MulasTestTest Class. Report not requested
Radiative transfer in exoplanetary atmospheresGiambattista AresuTestTest Class. Report not requested
Dust in the Universe Sergio CristalloTestTest Class. Report not requested

Call 2 Project Reports

ProjectPrincipal InvestigatorAccountReport PDF
Jet/ambient interaction in low power radiosources
Silvano MassagliaA07PDF
GESBAYESAlessandro LanzafameA09PDF
GRMHD simulation of the binary neutron star
Riccardo Ciolfi

3D MHD simulation of bow shock nebula
Barbara OlmiA14PDF
Magnetic reconnection Vlasov simulationFrancesco CalifanoA16PDF
Global dynamo simulations of starsAlfio BonannoBA13PDF
Stability studies of super earth atmospheres
Eleonora AleiBB0PDF
MACSERoberto OroseiB10PDF
On the energy transfer
from low power jet to IGM
Alessandro CapettiB11PDF
Anharmonic spectroscopy
of astronomical PAHs
Giacomo MulasB13PDF
Tests of PINOCCHIO codePierluigi MonacoBT6Test Class. Report not requested
Turbulence Spectral anisotropy and energy flow at ion scalesSimone LandiA22

Call 3 Project Reports

ProjectPrincipal InvestigatorAccountReport PDF
Turbulence Spectral anisotropy and energy flow at ion scalesSimone LandiA22PDF
Short GRB jet formation in binary neutron star mergersRiccardo CiolfiA23PDF
Simulating Feedback From Powerful JetsGianluigi BodoA24PDF
A numerical study of a new class of astrophysical objects: the isolated star-forming gas cloudFrancesco CaluraA25PDF
Atmospheric Modeling of Super Earths orbiting M starsEleonora AleiB15PDF
Simulating galaxy outflows in ultrafaint dwarf galaxiesDonatella RomanoB16PDF
Modelling anharmonic spectra of PAHs at high temperaturesGiacomo MulasB18

Call 4 Project Reports

ProjectPrincipal InvestigatorAccountReport PDF
Plasma Turbulence and magnetic reconnection in the low electron beta regimeLuca FranciA26
Chemodynamics of Ultrafaint Dwarf Galaxies under Ram Pressure and Tidal ForcesDonatella RomanoA27
MatiLeo SimulationFranco VazzaA28PDF
Global dynamo simulations of massive starsAlfio BonannoB19
Kelvin-Helmholtz instability at the hermean magnetopause: impact of the magnetic field and density gradientsFrancesco CalifanoA30
Escape of particles from bow shock pulsar wind nebulaeBarbara OlmiA31PDF
Linking core-collapse supernova explosions to supernova remnants through 3D MHD modelingSalvatore OrlandoA32PDF
Realistic simulations of relativistic jet FeedbackDipanjan MukherjeeA34PDF
Seeing the UNSeEN with Marconi SCGuillermo RodriguezB20PDF
AGILE Particle Background SimulationAlessio TroisB21
TurboDynLuca Del ZannaB22PDF
Numerical simulation of restarting radio galaxiesSalvatore MassagliaB23PDF
HD simulations of Pulsar Wind Nebulae for a morphology-matching analysisBarbara OlmiB24PDF
MAGRATHEA Cross Section DatabaseAntonello PetraliaB25PDF