9 Proof of concepts (PoCs) proposed :

1.HTC computing and software containerisation for DIAMONDS  (M. Landoni)
2.HTC computing for DIAMONDS with Kubernetes (M. Landoni)
3.GPU computing for Adaptive Optics (M. Landoni in collaboration with OA Arcetri)
4.HPC computing for GADGET (G. Taffoni)
5.HPC computing for Exoclimates (G. Taffoni)
6.HPC computing for GAIA GSR Solver (U. Becciani, A. Vecchiato)
7.Computing for ALMA (M. Massardi, A. Giannetti, S. Burkutean)
8.Workflow execution for GIANO@TNG pipeline (A. Bignamini)
9.Euclid LE3 software in the Google Cloud Platform (D. Tavagnacco)