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  1. Feb 19, 2019
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      [TAP] Fix incorrect abortion handling in SYNChronous mode. · 5baff84e
      gmantele authored
      It is also now recommended to make DBConnection.executeQuery(ADQLQuery)
      return NULL if the query has been aborted (indeed, the DBConnection is
      the only one that can reliably know that fact). JDBCConnection has been
      adapted consequently.
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      [UWS,TAP] Synchronize access to ISO8601Format. · fa206848
      gmantele authored
      This class is using static attributes of type DecimalFormat.
      Unfortunately this type of objects can NOT be accessed by multiple
      threads simultaneously: it is not thread-safe. Parsing errors,
      mostly during TAP uploads, have been experienced for this reason.
      To solve quickly this issue, the main static public functions of
      ISO8601Format have been synchronized.
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      Merge branch 'vforchi-master' · 8c650059
      gmantele authored
      Apply Pull Request #29 after a small adapation
      (mostly: update of the JUnit class + addition of an error message).
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      [TAP] Adapt the JUnit class testing getFile(...), · 36b4a8bf
      gmantele authored
      apply a quick space replacement (by %20) for few URIs of the configuration file
      and remove duplicated entry (encoding) from the Gradle build script.
      A special test has also been added in getFile(...) in order to deliver
      a clear error message for users using a former version with URIs in their
      configuration file (only for file_root_path and metadata_file).
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    • gmantele's avatar
      [TAP] Fix and add JUnit tests. Now, they should work on any machine. · 0422fb7d
      gmantele authored
      Two embedded DBMS are used: H2 and a little SQLite. JDBC drivers are provided
      in the `lib` directory. The databases are created and deleted automatically
      by the JUnit tests (see `test/tap/db_testtools/DBTools for more details`).
      The ANT and Gradle build scripts have been updated to reflect all these test
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