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......@@ -8,11 +8,11 @@ This container is based on the "lofaruser/imaging-pipeline:v3.10" base image, an
How to run the container with Docker:
docker run --rm -v $INPUT_DATA_FOLDER:/input_data,$OUTPUT_DATA_FOLDER:/output_data -it lofarit/lofarit/prefactor3_base3.10
docker run --rm -v $INPUT_DATA_FOLDER:/input_data,$OUTPUT_DATA_FOLDER:/output_data -it lofarit/prefactor3_base3.10
How to run the container wth Singularity:
singularity run --pid --writable-tmpfs --containall --cleanenv -B$INPUT_DATA_FOLDER:/input_data,$OUTPUT_DATA_FOLDER:/output_data docker://lofarit lofarit/prefactor3_base3.10
singularity run --pid --writable-tmpfs --containall --cleanenv -B$INPUT_DATA_FOLDER:/input_data,$OUTPUT_DATA_FOLDER:/output_data docker://lofarit/prefactor3_base3.10
These commands will start the container and place you in the /home/lofar directlry inside the container. In both cases you have to set the $INPUT_DATA_FOLDER and $OUTPUT_DATA_FOLDER to the input and output data folders respectively, on the host system (i.e. the machine on which you are running the container). Note that the output data folder must exists and have write permissions (if using Singularty, by the user running the container).
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