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# cadcAccessControl

## Description
The cadcAccessControl module contains the shared model classes and exceptions used by the access control clients and server.  It also contains the UserClient and GMSClient (group management service client).

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## Object Model
The CADC User Authorization Model is a model for representing users and groups.

In the system, a user is uniquely identified by one Principal (e.g. NumericPrincipal) but can have a number of other  identities for different contexts:

- HttpPrincipal: Web user identity associated with Simple HHTP User Password access.
- X500Principal: X509 certificate identity.
- NumericPrincipal: An numeric identity associated with a user. Typically, used internally within a system.
- OpenIdPrincipal: An OpenID identity.

Groups represet associations of users. Groups have an owner, administive members, and actual members.  Members can be groups or users.

![User Object Model](doc/AccessControl.png)