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  • Carbognani, Albino ORCID: 0000-0002-0737-7068 - INAF-OAS Bologna
Titles BASP, Bologna Astrometry Satellites PipelineBASP, Bologna Astrometry Satellites Pipeline
Publisher  INAF-OAS Bologna
Publication  2023-02-08
Resource type  Software
Version  1.0
Language  MATLAB, Python 3
OS supported  

The main purposes of BASP (Bologna Astrometry Satellites Pipeline), is the automatic astrometric calibration of the fits images and the extraction of the satellite's tracks to obtain a text file with the J2000 astrometric positions of the center of the track in Tracking Data Message (TDM) format (but also save in MPC extended format). The software was developed under Linux Xubuntu, but can run under any Linux system as long as the following external software and their dependencies are installed and running: MATLAB 2019b, Python 3, Astrometry.net, ASTRiDE and Find Orb. BASP has three settings files: Settings_BASP.txt, is the main configuration file with the most frequently changing settings such as the name and path of the images to be analysed, the type of analysis and the intensity of the satellite track; Settings_Astrometry.txt, is the configuration file for Astrometry.net, here there are the upper and lower limit of the image scale in arcsec/pixel; finally there is Settings_MPC.txt, where there is the header of the output file with the astrometric measurements in the Minor Planet Center format. These last two files contain quantities that are rarely changed so, once you save the settings, you can forget about their existence. The settings files are self-explanatory and with sample settings, so we don't need to go through them in detail.

Associated papers:

  • 3rd IAA Conference on Space Situational Awareness, Apr. 4-6, 2022, Tres Cantos - Madrid BASP: A NEW AUTOMATIC PIPELINE FOR ASTROMETRIC REDUCTION OF SATELLITES AND SPACE DEBRIS TRACKS Albino Carbognani, Alberto Buzzoni, Fausto Cortecchia, Roberto Di Luca, Emiliano Diolaiti, Silvia Galleti, Matteo Lombini, Laura Schreiber, Giovanna Stirpe.
rights  GNU General Public License version 3.0