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  • Stefani, Stefania (INAF-IAPS Roma - orcid: 0000-0001-5762-4947)
  • Piccioni, Giuseppe (INAF-IAPS Roma - orcid: 0000-0002-7893-6808)
  • Snels, Marcel (ISAC-CNR - orcid: )
  • Biondi, David (INAF-IAPS Roma - orcid: 0000-0002-8860-5674)
  • Boccaccini, Angelo (INAF-IAPS Roma - orcid: 0000-0003-4052-1137)
Titles  CO2 Collisional Induced Absorption (CIA) database
Publisher  IAPS Roma
Associated Paper
Publication 2022
Resource type DataSet
Version 1.0
File .tar
Dimension 16 MB

This database is dedicated to the experimental CO2 collision induced absorption (CIA) bands in two spectral regions, [1100–1600] cm−1 and [2500–3150] cm−1. The spectra have been recorded by averaging 150 scans with a resolution of 2 cm−1 acquired for temperatures from 294 to 473 K and at pressures ranging from 1 to 40 bar. The absorption coefficients (cm-1) published in this data base have been divided in five folders, named according to the temperatures at the which the spectra have been acquired. Each folders contains two directories, the ‘’main’’ and ‘’divided’’. In the ‘’main’’ the row data can be downloaded while in the ‘’divided’’ the ascii files related to the two spectral range have been uploaded. In the last case, only a preliminary base line correction has been done, please note that some data, in between [1100-1660] cm-1 are affected by a strong water vapour absorption. The name of each file refers to the conditions (p, T) at the which the spectra have been measured. For other details please refers to the attached article.



link CO2 Collisional Induced Absorption (CIA) database