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# TAP_SCHEMA Manager
# TASMAN - [TA]P_[S]CHEMA [Man]ager
See also the [CHANGELOG]().
See also the [CHANGELOG](
## Build
### Build the API
cd TapSchemaManagerAPI
cd TASMAN-core
mvn install
#### WARNING: test
Test suite for the TASMAN-core assumes some hardcoded values. If they
fail simply put an _@Ignore_ in front on the test class.
### Build the Web application
cd TapSchemaManagerWebApp
cd TASMAN-webapp
Edit configuration properties file (`src/main/resources/`):
......@@ -42,9 +46,18 @@ The web app was tested with:
The web app relies on specific JSF and EL versions, so it could not work in different application servers without a proper configuration.
#### WARNING: maven repo
Build requires _Ucidy_ and _Unity_ that are not available at central
maven repo. You should have them installed in a local maven repo.
To do this: download the jar files listed in the following
credits section and runn a couple of `mvn install:install-file`
commands based upond the dependencies description in the _TASMAN-webapp_
_pom.xml_ file.
## Credits
TAP_SCHEMA Manager web application uses the following VO libraries:
* Ucidy, by Grégory Mantelet (
* Unity, by Norman Gray (
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* Unity, by Norman Gray (
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