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......@@ -2,23 +2,26 @@ The SHARK-VIS Simulation Code (SSC) is an IDL-based code based upon the PROPER o
The software was developed in the framework of the SHARK-VIS instrument design, and the first release was in 2013. The results of the code were validated by using on-sky data acquired in 2015 with the SHARK forerunner experiment at LBT.
For more information about the code and the instrument please refer to:
Stangalini+ 2014
Stangalini+ 2016
Pedichini+ 2017
Mattioli+ 2018
Stangalini+ 2014;
Stangalini+ 2016;
Pedichini+ 2017;
Mattioli+ 2018;
The main code is composed of the following routins:
it is the main code
- param.dat
it is the parameter file for the set-up of the simulation
it computes the on-axis (occulted) AO PSF
it computes the off-axis PSF. Also representative of the observing mode without coronagraph.
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