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Database development guidelines

Database Reviews

  • During the design phase of the feature you're working on, be mindful if you are adding any database-related changes. If you're adding or modifying a query, start looking at the explain plan early to avoid surprises late in the review phase.

  • If, at any time, you need help optimizing a query or understanding an explain plan, ask for assistance in #database.

  • If you're creating a database MR for review, check out our Database review guidelines.

    It provides an introduction on database-related changes, migrations, and complex SQL queries.

  • If you're a database reviewer or want to become one, check out our introduction to reviewing database changes.



Partitioning tables


Best practices

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PostgreSQL information for GitLab administrators

User information for scaling

For GitLab administrators, information about configuring PostgreSQL for scaling is available, including the major methods: