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This is a first version of the Java Version of the Monitoring Collector that can run in the same Java container as the monitored java components.
It is essentially the experimenta version developed years ago by Caludio Tanci taht support only monitoring of ROdouble baci properties.
To test this installation you have to configure mysql folowing the instauction that you find in the ARCHIVE package.
Follow this order to compile:
- minimalComponet
- monitorCollectorJava
Then in TMCDBRegistrationClient/TMCDBClientTest/src/ there is an xml file to be used as imput for the acscommandcenter
After acs and the container is running, activate the blobber component and:
$> cd TMCDBRegistrationClient/TMCDBClientTest/src/astri/test/
$> acsStartJava -endorsed --endorsed --
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