Commit 8033e342 authored by Fabio Roberto Vitello's avatar Fabio Roberto Vitello

Fixed nthread init and removed ompss fpga pragma

parent 3efb1fd8
......@@ -249,7 +249,6 @@ void aprod(int mode, long int m, long int n, double *vVect, double *knownTerms,
for(int nt=0; nt < ntasks; nt++ )
#pragma omp target device (fpga) copy_deps
#pragma omp task label(vVect_nAstroPSolved) //out(vVect[jstartAstro : jstartAstro + nAstroPSolved-1])
lset = mapForThread[nt][0] * nparam;
......@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@ struct comData {
int timeCPR, timeLimit, itnCPR,itnCPRstop,itnCPRend, itnLimit,itn,noCPR;
long offsetCMag,offsetCnu,offsetCdelta_eta,offsetCDelta_eta_1,offsetCDelta_eta_2;
long offsetCDelta_eta_3,offsetCdelta_zeta,offsetCDelta_zeta_1,offsetCDelta_zeta_2;
int nthreads=1;
int nthreads;
int ntasks;
long **mapForThread;
int nSubsetAtt, nSubsetInstr;
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