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......@@ -39,3 +39,9 @@ Once compiled, to use the S-type symplectic mapping:
- indicate "wb" (wide binary, since the binary star is the outermost body of the system) as the algorithm in the file of Mercury
If the program is run using the test input files supplied with DPI, the energy error should oscillate around 1E-7 and the angular momentum error varying between 1E-13 and 1E-14 (the behaviour of the latter can vary depending on the hardware and the compiler due to the actual precision of the computations and the way rounding errors are handled).
When using the DPI library please cite it as:
Turrini, D. (2015). DPI: Symplectic mapping for binary star systems for the Mercury software package. Astrophysics Source Code Library. ascl:1504.012
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