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Welcome to Lumache's documentation!
Welcome to CAESAR documentation!
**Lumache** (/lu'make/) is a Python library for cooks and food lovers
that creates recipes mixing random ingredients.
It pulls data from the `Open Food Facts database <>`_
and offers a *simple* and *intuitive* API.
**CAESAR** (Comprehensive Space Weather Studies for the ASPIS Prototype Realization) is a project supported by the Italian Space Agency and the National Institute of Astrophysics through the ASI-INAF n.2020-35-HH.0 agreement for the development of the ASPIS prototype of scientific data centre for Space Weather.
Check out the :doc:`usage` section for further information, including
how to :ref:`installation` the project.
Check out the :doc:`CAESAR` section for further information, including
the details on :ref:`ASPIS` the project.
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