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add script and update docs

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from astropy.utils import iers
from import import_file_to_cache, download_file
path = download_file(WORKING_IERS_A_URL)
import_file_to_cache(iers.IERS_A_URL, path, replace=True)
......@@ -12,6 +12,13 @@ There are two different scripts to generate the DL3 file:
At the moment is recommended the use of the first script `` and generate your own DL2 data, since the automatized generation of DL2 data is not optimized.
.. note::
In the case the run of the job fails due to an astropy error about too old values of the IERS data:
.. code-block::
ValueError: interpolating from IERS_Auto using predictive values that are more than 30.0 days old.
run before the script `` to download offline the data and update the astropy tables.
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