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Sara Bertocco, ORCID: 0000-0003-2386-623X, INAF-OATs
Giuliano Taffoni, ORCID: 0000-0002-4211-6816, INAF-OATs

Main Affiliation OATs
Titles VOSpace Backend Service Developers Guide 1.0
Series INAF-OATs Technical Report
Series Number 238
Publication Year 2018
Resource type text
Language en
abstract  The vospace-backend is a storage service management used to integrate a VOSpace interface implementation with a storage solution. This software module persists the information linking a VOSpace Node Identifier with a vospace backend stored file, so it is able to return URIs to access the content of the data objects.
The storage solution can be changed thanks to a plug-in architecture allowing to plug-in at run time
different storage solutions simply implementing an abstract java class.
The service requires an SQL Resource DataBase Management Service (RDBMS) as default built-in
persistence layer. Vospace-backend provides a RESTful interface. It is available at
This guide gives software description and some development hints to make easier to developers to
add new storage solutions to their VOSpace service.

VOSpace Backend Service Developers Guide 1.0

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