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Updated Maven version

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FROM gradle:6-jdk8
RUN apt-get update && apt install -y openjdk-17-jdk maven
RUN apt-get update && apt install -y openjdk-17-jdk
# Installing the latest Maven version manually
# (the one provided by apt is not compatible with Java 17 and we need Java 14+)
RUN wget && \
mkdir -p /usr/local/apache-maven && \
mv apache-maven-3.8.4-bin.tar.gz /usr/local/apache-maven && \
cd /usr/local/apache-maven && \
tar -xzvf apache-maven-3.8.4-bin.tar.gz
RUN export M2_HOME=/usr/local/apache-maven/apache-maven-3.8.4
RUN export M2=$M2_HOME/bin
RUN export PATH=$M2:$PATH
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