Static Site Editor (removed) (FREE)

This feature was deprecated in GitLab 14.7 and removed in 15.0. Use the Web Editor or Web IDE instead.

Remove the Static Site Editor

The Static Site Editor itself isn't part of your project. To remove the Static Site Editor from an existing project, remove links that point back to the editor:

  1. Remove any links that use edit_page_url in your project. If you used the Middleman - Static Site Editor project template, the only instance of this helper is located in /source/layouts/layout.erb. Remove this line entirely:

    <%= link_to('Edit this page', edit_page_url(data.config.repository, current_page.file_descriptor.relative_path), id: 'edit-page-link') %>
  2. In /data/config.yml, delete the repository key / value pair:

    • If repository is the only value stored in /data/config.yml, you can delete the entire file.
  3. In /helpers/custom_helpers.rb, delete edit_page_url() and endcode_path():

    def edit_page_url(base_url, relative_path)
    def encode_path(relative_path)
    • If edit_page_url() and encode_path() are the only helpers, you may delete /helpers/custom_helpers.rb entirely.
  4. Clean up any extraneous configuration files.

  5. Commit and push your changes.