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# LST analysis
# LST_scripts
Collection of scripts to run analysis of LST data at the IT cluster in La Palma.
The repository contains also a folder with some bash scripts that can be easily used.
## Analysis tree
Some simple bash scripts are also available.
Use `` to create automatically a directory tree.
The default one is:
## Resources
├── source
│ └── night
│ └── version
│ └── cleaning
├── source
│ └── night
│ └── version
│ └── cleaning
└── source
└── night
└── version
└── cleaning
Modify the script at your convenience if you prefer a different structure.
Change the default value for the Parent folder in the argparse with your own path.
- [readthedocs](
python --source Crab --night 20220304
Directory /fefs/aswg/workspace/alice.donini/Analysis/data/DL1/Crab/20220304/v0.9.2/tailcut84 already exists
Directory /fefs/aswg/workspace/alice.donini/Analysis/data/DL2/Crab/20220304/v0.9.2/tailcut84 Created
Directory /fefs/aswg/workspace/alice.donini/Analysis/data/DL3/Crab/20220304/v0.9.2/tailcut84 Created
Directory structure ready for analysis on Crab.
## Contributing
Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.
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