Commit 0df4a512 authored by Alice Donini's avatar Alice Donini
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update tree script

parent 66cb0a27
......@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ def makedir(name):
# Create target Directory if don't exist
if not os.path.exists(name):
print("Directory ", name, " Created ")
print("Directory ", name, " created ")
print("Directory ", name, " already exists")
return None
......@@ -64,31 +64,33 @@ def main():
'--night', type=str, required=True, dest='night',
'--night', nargs='+', type=int, required=True, dest='night',
help='Night date'
'--version', type=str, required=False, dest='version',
default='v0.9.2', help='lstchain version'
default='v0.9.2', help='lstchain version (default: %(default)s)'
'--cleaning', type=str, required=False, dest='cleaning',
default='tailcut84', help='Cleaning type'
default='tailcut84', help='Cleaning type (default: %(default)s)'
args = parser.parse_args()
# Define analysis directories and subdirectories
data_dir = ['DL1', 'DL2', 'DL3']
structure = f'{args.source}/{args.night}/{args.version}/{}'
nights = args.night
for night in nights:
structure = f'{args.source}/{night}/{args.version}/{}'
for folder in data_dir:
dirName = os.path.join(f'{args.main_dir}', str(folder), structure)
print(f'Directory structure ready for analysis on {args.source}.')
print(f'Directory structure for analysis on {args.source} was created.')
if __name__ == "__main__":
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